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About Us - Voxter

About Voxter

What We Do

What We Do

VoIP and Unified Communications

Voxter’s a Vancouver-based global VoIP and Unified Communications company that’s growing fast. We are not a one-size fits all VoIP company and we have a rich history of providing customized, unique offerings based on your needs. Our sophisticated, but beautiful and simple-to-use, software has been thrilling our business clients since we launched with our first customer in 2005.

We’re enthusiastically chucking out the old methods of business communications and replacing them with our new, unique platform. It uses a single private dedicated IP connection at your site that ties directly to our softswitch and out to the PSTN network, giving you unprecedented call quality, ease of use and peace of mind to get your business done.

Supported by our redundant data centers located in multiple global locations, our customers know that Voxter’s unique architecture and infrastructure will provide a reliable, cost-effective and superior communication experience.

What We’ve Created

Core Hosted Voice Architecture

While core phone service is integral to the communication needs of a business, our clients are served with a variety of solutions including IP trunking, legacy VoIP/PRI hybrids and fully hosted solutions. Voxter’s niche of boutique software as a service allows us to take productivity to a higher level.

We’ve also spent nearly 12 years building our core hosted voice architecture that’s fully redundant and served with real-time synchronized failover points of presence.

Direct-to-Site Connectivity

Quality of Service Control

We deploy our services with strict guidelines and requirements at each location to ensure we have created the shortest dedicated path to our core network to ensure voice quality and control.

Due to our architecture, we don’t need to mess around with ISPs to assist in troubleshooting — something that would otherwise wreak havoc on cloud-based solutions where providers don’t insist on dedicated connectivity.  Instead, we monitor, troubleshoot, and ultimately fix the majority of issues ourselves.

We can provide circuits as little as 1 megabit per second, up to gigabit fiber optic connectivity.

The Ideal Communication Platform for You

Business Consulting Experts

Our team has the tech chops they need and the business consulting expertise you need to create the ideal communications platform for your company. We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Not ever.

We also provide you unparalleled helpdesk support — 24/7/365 — that knows your business, your setup, and can translate the world of technology into real human experience.

Our goal is not only to continue to expand (we aim for world domination), but to shake up how the world looks at business telecom and create an experience that our clients actually love to use!